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    A local dealer here in Port Huron just got his stander demo in i think it is a great looking machine very user friendly my only hold out on it is the bagger. I do a lot of hefty clean ups in the spring and fall, my question is do you have any plans in order for a vac system or something that will hold more than a grass gobbler.
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    kerrigan- We have a few options including a NEW bagger called the Turbo 10. Below are the capacities.

    Reg size Grass Gobbler = 3.3 cu. ft.
    Jumbo size Grass Gobbler = 4.3 cu. ft.
    Jumbo size with Leaf Gobbler extension = 8.9 cu. ft.
    Turbo 10 front only = 4.8 cu. ft.
    Turbo 10 front and rear = 10.8 cu. ft.

    The Turbo 10 is designed with a venturi system to draw in 30% more air than what the deck forces out to really pack in the grass.
    The Turbo 10 is less than half the price of other bagging systems that have less capacity and is not prone to clogging like others that use a long tube between the deck opening and the hopper.

    The Turbo 10 was only introduced about two weeks ago and will be shipping out to our Distributors in a matter of days.

    Thanks for your inquiry,
  3. morturf

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    Is there someplace on the web where we can get a look at one of these. Sounds very interesting. I just purchased a 52 and would like to see such a bagger.

    Does that picture to the left look familiar??
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    Here's a picture of a prototype. It's big but you empty one half at a time. See the openings for the venturi system in the front? The venturi baffling is hidden in this picture. REALLY packs the grass!

    A bit familiar yes. Say hi to Tom for me.


  5. mowerconsultant

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    What is the Turbo 10 made out of ?? steel or aluminum ??
    How much does it weigh empty ?

    Thanks in advance for the info
  6. John Gamba

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    Is the turbo 10 for Grass It seem's that you Can empty the Back then frount ?
    Thank You JG. :cool: :cool:
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    Yes, The Turbo 10 is designed to carry the weight of the heaviest wet grass there is and yes you empty the rear first and then the front. The front comes with a door for use when the rear is not needed or wanted.

    The empty weights are as follows:

    Front 28 lbs.
    Rear 22.5 lbs.

    Door 5 lbs.

    You can remove the door before lifting the front so don't count the weight of the door as lifting weight while emptying.

    It is all steel.


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