All Green

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Merritt Island
I am looking for a bagger (it can be aftermarket) for a 36&quot; John Deere walk behind. If you know where I can get one for a reasonable price please let me know.<p>Thank you :)


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Hello All Green,<br> I posted a similiar message a while back. This is the link I was given<br><br> I'm also running a 36&quot; John Deere and ended up making my own bagger(still working out some bugs). Have you attempted to get one from John Deere yet?<br>Lance<br>


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SW Missouri
John Deere will sell you a baggger for your mower. Ibought one a few years ago. I choked on the price $300+. Its all steel and will last forever.


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Try the J. Thomas magazine, they have a larger version than the Lesco one. I have the Lesco one on my 36&quot; WB and it works great and is high quality. But bigger is better.

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