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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Acute Cut, Sep 29, 2004.

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    That was a slightly original title right? Got bored of reading some things over and over.

    Ok Terry, here is my question in general. Can we make the ol 52" lazer bag anywhere NEAR as good as the 60's? It seems to me that the 52 is the best mulcher, but the 60 spanks the 52 drastically in bagging. I have the whole bag thing and i have to plan my days carefully. If it is wet, dewy, moist, or even overly foggy then the exmark does NOT bag worth a darn.

    Problems i have seen and what i have done:
    My fan propeller was worn so i got a new one.
    My bagger housing was warping in and making the opening very small so i welded a small frame around it and bolted it open.

    The best thing i can come up with is trying to put a 60" fan on my 52 bagger system. I figure i might have to weld or cut a bit on the deck, but ........... well, no buts. Gotta get this working.

    That is the plan unless ya got a better idea Terry. :) Oh, and btw, i gotta get you some pics of some of the other mods i got going on. MUHAHAHA!!!
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    Acute cut,

    If it were me I'd look into mower blades first. Baggin like discharging and mulching is really about air movement and how you control/direct the air. At the front of the whole thing you have the blades, in the middle you have the blower and at the end you have the hopper. If it were me I'd start at one end or the other and work may way down the line rather than start in the middle. The 60" does have a bigger fan which has some advantages but remember it's about air flow. The 60" deck moves more air than the 52". I'd try the solid air foil blades if it's not so wet the deck plugs you may find an improvement......maybe even the extreme blades just for kicks. The other thing to do is to look at things from a maintenance stand point that can cause a decrese in performance. The blow seams to be susceptable to some grass build up in some regions or during different seasons. Also the two bag hoppers really don't perform well at all if the debris screen in the hopper is plugged or covered with grass. The fan can only push so much air so fast and if the exit is plugged the air flow GREATLY diminishes.



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