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I am planning on buying a Tora Z 350 outfront w/dedicated bagger 3 wheel riding machine ( and the 72 z master in previous post) this year for my large properties. Will the bagger work great?? Do any of you guys feel bagging gives you an edge on the competition?? Or is it a big headache?? My clippings would be driven up into a 16 foot trailer and dumped. <p>


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why do you need a feel to bag? unless its the first or last cut it a complete waste of time. i side discharge are my lawns with my z master and it cuts so smoothly and spreads the clipings so evenly it looks baged.

Eric ELM

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I quit baging 7 years ago. It's a thing of the past for us. It's not needed and a pain in the a** to do.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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I don't take customers that want bagging either. Takes too much time. Time is money. I would rather go over any clumps a few times and makle it look bagged. For those of you who say its not professional not to bag. Well all my yards look like I have bagged them. Just takes experience and the right equipment to make them look that way. Know what height to cut certain types of yards help. What sense does it make to fertilise and lime yards and then take the nutritous mulched granular clippings?

gene gls

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Charles, Time is money,money comes from time spent on a property doing what that customer wants.If it takes longer to collect then they PAY more for the job.<p>Doug, I run a Walker 48&quot; GHS unit. I bought it for the rear discharge,dedicated collection, trim cut on right or left side with out throughing clipping all over house and cars or what ever else might be near by.<br>I am going to demo the Hustler upper cut with bac-vac unit in the spring.


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If you cut a lawn on a weekly basis you probably won't have to bag it. If you do bag it, you're not done the job until you dispose of the grass clippings. A good commercial mower will throw the grass out far and dispurse it evenly. I stopped bagging grass 3 years ago. The only thing I bag now are leaves in the fall and I require on site dumping for that. When I leave a property I'm done, and move on to the next<br> one. Bob


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gene,<br>People pay for performance and results, not just time. <p>You can't charge more to use a hand clippers instead of a line trimmer. You can't charge more to sweep clippings instead back-pack blowing.<p>Most customers aren't paying for time, they're paying for results.


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Gene, As I have said before. Most of my customers are middle class, have around 1/2 acre. None of them are willing to pay the extra money is would cost to bag their grass. Okay let say they pay me $5 to $10 extra to bag. Will this make up for the 3 yards I dont have time to do that day because I have been bagging the other yards? Being self employed I can pick and choose the yards I take on. Let me see do I take the ones that want bagging? Or the ones that don't? I only have time and can afford to do the ones that don't.


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I only bag the small city yards and charge more. Its not practical to bag an acre of grass. I dont want to be in the farming business. The only other time I bagged in the past is if I got behind because of rain but that doesn't happen now because I will use a walk behind in the rain and side discharge. No complaints yet.