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    We use our bagger to pick up leaves it really makes things go fast. We have alot of leaves in this area. If we did not have this bagger we would be mulching leaves into their lawns or raking them. This would not be bad once are twice but repeatedly this may cause a problem to the lawn especially with oak leaves. But we don't bag grass unless their is a weed problem we mulch everything else.<br>
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    Doug,<br>I would reconsider your Z-200 and Z-300 ideas. Neither power unit was designed by Toro. The 300 is a Wheel Horse Byproduct and the 200 is a Exmark byproduct.<p>1.) I wouldn't bag your grass. 2.) I wouldn't buy a Z-300. I'd get 2 Z masters.
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    Doug,<br> Lazer is correct. We own 2 toro z masters and don't bag any lawns. I demoed the toro outfront with collection system. I hated it. It didn't pick up what I thought it would. If you want to collect clippings, then I would suggest a Walker. They have more years of experience with collection systems. I do love my z masters though!<p>Mike

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