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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOlawnman, May 3, 2003.

  1. MOlawnman

    MOlawnman LawnSite Member
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    Just wondering how many of you are bagging grass. The finished look is wonderfull but disposing of the clippings is a lot of extra work. This time of year the grass is growing so fast here in Missouri that it is almost impossible to mulch, as we have tried it and the appearance was not very good.

    Just wondering what everyone else was doing.

  2. fastrunner

    fastrunner LawnSite Member
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    two words, SIDE DISCHARGE!
  3. STAN1366

    STAN1366 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I bag only where and when I have to. Rest of the time I either mulch or side discharge.
  4. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    Why is there always the mention of the extra work that is associated with bagging and then later disposing of the collected clippings.

    Just charge more for the job if the customer want's the clippings bagged...........SHEESH.

    I charge accordingly if I'm using the Walker.
  5. Mueller Landscape Inc

    Mueller Landscape Inc LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey Scott,

    Who is the women? Is that your soon to be wife?
  6. MOlawnman

    MOlawnman LawnSite Member
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    It is not so much the extra work that bothers me. It is more the fact that we have a problem with a place to dump. We have no composting facility and the landfills refuse them. Also, property owners don't want it because of the smell after about a month.

    It isn't that we don't like to bag, just wanted to increase productivity.
  7. NYRookie

    NYRookie LawnSite Member
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    I side discharge everything. If a customer wants a section bagged, say like a back yard where kids play, I will charge for the extra time it takes. If I have to haul it, I charge for that too.
  8. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    That is Cindy Crawford.
  9. LB Landscaping

    LB Landscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Maine
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    Just like Scott said, if they want it bagged then charge a little more. 90% of my customers prefer the clippings bagged I just charge extra for it.
  10. landscaper3

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    We also bag 90% of our accounts or most of the time in this area (zone) you WILL have to double cut which can take even longer! All fronts and very visible areas are bagged and mulch the rest.

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