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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slicklawns, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. slicklawns

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    A lawn two doors down from one of mine, green and high, guys pull up unload and proceed to cut and not bag, grass flying everywhere. I'm thinking, if they keep this up that lawn is mine next week. They finish trim and blow, load and pull off. I'm driving by on way to next house and stop to look, can't believe what I see, a beautiful neat evenly cut clean lawn, no grass in beds etc. How, I do not know. I bag 90% of my lawns, they look great but are time consuming, what do you guys do?
  2. all degree

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    Dont even our any type of bagging system. Do you have WB mowers or 21"

    If you circle twice pointing in nothing gets in the beds etc.
  3. Gene $immons

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    Bagging lawns is one thing I'd like to get rid of for sure. We have Bermuda grass here in OK. During the peak growing season, bagging is a must. I had to buy property just to use as a mini landfill.

    What kind of grass was he cutting? They make "gator" blades which are useful for mulching lawns. Lots of guys on here don't bag. Cool season turf is a little easier to manage I believe. I would say over 90% of LCO's in Oklahoma DO bag. Almost all of the crews have one ton trucks with a flatbed and a dump hoist for qiuck dumping. When I first started out, we would pitchfork grass out of the truck every morning before we got started. I was so happy whan I bought my first dump.

    Sorry to ramble on. But grass clippings has been a major obsticle in my business. Besides, If you don't have a big dump truck, how do you do leaf removals? That would be WAY too much to try and mulch, and still have the lawn look good.
  4. spcfoor

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    Here in Tulsa we have a free dump that is open from 7 till 4 seven days a week except holidays. That is where I take most of my leaf removals. I usally put the clippings from the yards I bag on my curb with the house trash on garbage days. I am a small op so it works for me. I don't have dump truck. I use my 01 silverado with a tarp and bungee cords I can get a lot of leafs on there.
  5. slicklawns

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    All Degree, yes I have 54'' ZT and Peco catchiner and WB etc. Please understand I'm not saying I can't do it what I'm saying is I'm just so impressed with this particular outfit that the lawn looks so neat, no clipping on top etc. I use the catching system mainly because beds are so close and mulched that I do not want to spend time with blowing out bed, and believe it or not some people demand that it be bagged. But again I'm more interested in what crews are doing out there to see if I can pick up on anything to improve quality and efffiency.
  6. MMLawn

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    He probably double cut it esp if he was on a Z and just blew out any beds that needed it
  7. J-dub

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    You're right, MM. Many co's won't even touch a lawn if they have to bag it (fall cleanups, excluded) and/or they charge extra to do so.
  8. barringtonbrothers

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    BAGGING is a evil verb I refuse to do, and if you insist prepare to pay out the ass cause I hate it so. When I first started out I did, but never again. Across my trailer I built a series of racks to hold eight big garbage cans. I would just fill them up then dump em out, plus I could pull one around a house so I didnt have to go to the truck to dump --- but never ever ever again. Man did they stink if I forgot to dump one out. After about a week phew stink city.
    My toros got gator blades and my exmark has the stock blades (freaking awsome) in the spring I double cut and blow, but its still easier than bagging any day, and you cant tell the difference. Cause I ve done both on the same lawns.
  9. EastProLawn

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    We mulch 85% of the time and with good mulching blades the lawns come out sweet everytime. I only bag when absolutely needed or requested ( price difference )....
  10. prizeprop

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    we cut the lawn as normal and if there are clumps, we raise the deck all the way up and fly over it once more in the opposite direction and it disperses the clippings so you cant see them.

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