Bagging Leaves, With pics?????


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Hey what is the best ways y'all have found to bag leaves and mow at the same time. I have mostly curvy smaller yards with many flowerbeds, and i just blow the leaves and bag them by hand, but i am considering getting a walkbehind with a bagger of some kind to help out, i already have a ztr but i cannot fit into all of my yards. Please help, and post pics of you in action or your setup if you have them. Thanks


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Just use a 21 inch mower. A 21 inch Toro commercial works great, though the bag fills up fast. You will still have to rake and bag leaves if the yard is completely covered with a thick layer of leaves.

Jason Rose

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If you have a ztr, I presume with no catcher? Put a mulch kit on it. Then you can use it on all your lawns, no matter how small to just grind up the leaves that are on the lawn that you blow out of all the beds. After you have been over them a time or 2 with the mulcher THEN go back over the lawn with your smaller mower with the bagger and pick up the pieces that are left. Usually it's not much!

This is the method I use, more or less... Tho I have 2 ztr's, 1 mulching and 1 bagging. The walk can be converted from mulching to bagging in a few seconds.


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mulch them with a walker, then unplug deck and pick them up. dump on 20' trailer with sides and scrape them off with tractor bucket when trailer is full. unless you got a dump trailer or truck.

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get and OCDC, grind them up then bag them and remove



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Doesn't the OCDC make them windrow? I've considered putting one on instead of the baffles but I thought it wouldn't work. If it does then I'll do that for sure!


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Brianslawn said:
mulch them with a walker, then unplug deck and pick them up.
That's what I do, and then pick them up with this. She ain't pretty, but she's effective!

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