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    Obviously when fall comes around I am going to be bagging. But in general is there a lot of bagging on an on-going basis? AS a start-up I want to be sure I am keeping costs down and would like to put off purchasing a catcher until I absolutely need it. Let me know your thoughts. Obviously if I had a customer that wanted it bagged, I would invest, but if it was just a residential it may be harder to justify the additional cost up front...

    Also, where the heck do you put it all? I was assuming compost sites and so forth, but how about transport, just dump in the truck or is it worth bagging?
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    I mulched all my leaves last season. I was suprised it worked good. If you do "bag" you can get by with bags if you are small. As you grow you will find trucking the leaves away is more time effective. Loading into "bags" all day everyday will get old, get a tarp, blow or rake onto tarp and toss into truck bed. You will need to build walls to extend the beds height. It also goes alot smoother with a helper during the Fall.

    Brainerd area is great, when are you relocating?

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