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Bagging Options


LawnSite Silver Member
Is there any other options for bagging with a Exmark Lazer Z besides a trac-vac system. I just don't like the way the hose comes around the side like that, but there is probobly no other way to go. Does anyone use any trac-vac units. I was also wondering how they worked on sucking up those leaves. Thanks in advance!<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti


LawnSite Senior Member
SW Missouri
I use a bag that fits on the side of the deck (like a walk behind). It works o.k.<br>In heavy grass you must double cut, with the bag on for the second pass. A little more time, but reduces your clippings by about 70%. On and off is a second. Cost $335 vs $1800+.<br>I use this on a 60&quot; Lazer.

Prime Seasons

LawnSite Member
Whitehall, MI
Hey, quick response here. Had Exmark trac vac w/ 8 hp ic motor. This was about 500 lbs. dry weight including weight kit on front of 60&quot; mower. This unit sucks up every thing, including pets and small children. However, it has limited capacity, more maintenance ( another motor) etc. <p>Now, Exmark is coming out with the Ultra series vac system. This has an extra shieve on the drive spindle to drive a impellor assembly. Very slick, I have one on a 48&quot; hp lazer. Is not yet available on the 60 or 72 models, but give them time, eh? Cost for 48&quot; unit, $1,200.<p>gus