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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gdguth, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Today I was working and another guy that operates in my town came over and introduced himself to me. I noticed that his partner/helper were mowing and bagging the yard they were mowing. They were running a walker with the collecting system that has the high lift dump. They were dumping into the back of the truck. I guess I just realized that they are always bagging when I see them. He says they mow about 90 lawns. I wanted to ask him why he is wasting time with the bagging, but I didn't want to be critical since I just met him. To me, that is the biggest waste of time and money. He dumped at least twice on a fairly small lawn, however the grass was damp. I only mow about 25 yards, but I would never wasted time bagging, except in rare cases when I have to. I side discharge in the spring and mulch the rest of the year. I just think he is wasting time and taking valuable nutrients from the lawn. I guess if that is what the customer wants, but I try to explain to mine the benefits of putting the grass back in the ground. What are your thoughts on this.
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    Here we go .....
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    We try to always mulch but if the grass is long enough that we know it will leave clumps and look messy we bag. Same as we bag if it is damp and wet. Just don't want to leave clumps and a mess in the yard.
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    mulching is best for lawns in this area, but we have a walker and can bag on demand. There are clients that no matter how much info you give them on the benefits of mulching, they insist you bag. It does leave a nicer cleaner cut but you can see the difference over time, it also takes a lot more fertilizer to keep a bagged lawn green all season
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    I run walkers too but we have a mulching deck and side discharge deck in the trailer if we need to switch we can. Grass looks better we we collect. Wasting time? How we use high dumps and have dump inserts on trucks we do even have to touch the grass...
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    We run 2 routes. One is for mulching only the other is run with yards that are bagged. We would really like to mulch full-time but some clients insist that the grass is caught. If they insist the grass is caught we do charge more. This is all explained to the client when they sign the service agreement form.

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