Bagging, throwing, or mulching?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Luvs2Play, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Luvs2Play

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    Where I am, it is the norm to bag everything. We all do it. I know we are all behind the times, but we still can not talk customers into mulching or throwing the clippings. How do you get customers to switch, our costs for composting keeps going up, and places to do it are getting harder to find. I have tried showing how good golf courses look, and the benefits of returning the clippings to the lawn. Thanks for your help.
  2. kc2006

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    I explain the benefits of mulching or side discharge and I bring a gator blade with me. Show them the gator blade and explain how it can finely chop the blades of grass unlike a conventional blade. I don't do any bagging, too much work and theres hardly profit in it. Plus with all the lowballers who will do the same yard for 20 dollars less bagging, you just won't get anyone to do it. This is for my area though where baggin isn't done that much.
  3. rodfather

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    I would need a fleet of dump trailers to follow us around if we bagged all 400 acres each week. I like the idea of showing the customer a gator type blade (I've done that as well) in the past. Pebble Beach or Wrigley Field does't get why do these people feel their lawn needs it has me swinging:dizzy:
  4. The Cowboy

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    The only times people ask me to bag, it is because of "allergies" they believe are caused by leaving grass clippings in the lawn, or those folks who have swimming pools and don't want the barefoot kids dragging clippings into the water. I turn those people down.
    I have explained that leaving clippings in the lawn will work to reduce their water usage by making the soil more healthy, and will significantly reduce the need for fertilizers. I have one customer on an acre who refuses to quit overusing the salt based fertilizers, and makes me cut really short. Her main problem is thatch build-up because the soil is basically dead and won't eat up the overabundance of grass clippings. For such a person I make more money on thatch removal than I do on the mowing. It's her fault, I warned her.:nono: All my other places they use ferts in moderation or use organics, and the clippings are completely gone in a matter of weeks. I have shown them my double-blade set-up with the gators which helps them believe they are getting better value if I mow than the other guys do.
  5. Luvs2Play

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    We have customers living on the golf course, they always complain about the way they take care of it. I fertilize only for mowing customers, their lawn always looks as good, if not better than the course. I'm there every week, never any weeds get away from me. Maybe that is part of the problem, they are afraid of change. As every year, I'll work with them again on it, show them the gators, offer to throw a couple times for them to make up their mind, bag only it they aren't happy. I have offered to drop the price a bit because of the savings to me, don't work. Sometimes I think they have too much money, and just have to be better than the neighbors. That's okay, I get some of it.
  6. crzymow

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    I try to mulch in the summer when things slow down, but in the spring mowing once a week just cant do it at least not on my smaller properties. I am either blowing grass into beds or against the house or something, looks terrible, doesnt matter if you run doubles or not.
  7. daveintoledo

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    you will never change old peoples mind.... thats the way they are, ..... if i hve a problem i let them know it is almost double the cost for me to bag vs mulch... i mulch year round...
  8. just Cuts

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    I bag all my lawns. If you drive down some of the streets that we cut in you can see the difference in the lawns that are bagged and the ones that are not.Grass in beds,houses with green stains on the sides.There is one guy that cuts a few lawns at the same time I do on this street.He spends more time cleaning up the beds,street,drive and house then it takes me to cut two or three bagging!:headphones:
  9. just Cuts

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    Here is a pic of one of my lawns that is bagged every week.

  10. kc2006

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    9 year old bobcat fixed deck with gators side discharge. Excuse the clover. Bagging is so overrated :rolleyes:


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