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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnson grass, Jun 9, 2004.

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    I wanted to give my customers a really good looking yard without having to purchase a 1500.00 dollar bagging system for my Gravely, so i put a mulcing kit on and it did Ok but mower performance went down a little and the mulching kit caused wind rows that i would have to over lap and i could only mow clockwise to put the wind rows into the path of the next round to overlap it. The other mulching kit I looked at had ballasts on it and it does not leave the wind rows but i was told I could only use it for yards that were to be cut once a week. I have more bi-weekly than i do weekly. Any advise or input will be gladly welcomed.
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    I have JD mowers with mulch kits.The quality of cut is excellent and I never need to bag lawns that are regularly maintained.Even if the grass is really high I can usually avoid leaving any cut grass showing if I double cut.The only time I bag is occassionally on initial cuts when there is alot of leaves and debris on the ground...then I charge a clean-up fee.
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    Usually windrows with mulch kits means you were cutting more than the deck could handle properly, that's the only drawback with mulching lawns that have to be very neat if the grass was long to begin with.

    Mulch mowing is a great practice, benefits far outway catching, but if there is too much grass you don't have a choice....tried double cutting as this works with mulching too, gives the deck a change to process more...

    I only side discharge and mulch, don't even offer catching, in my area this hasn't been a problem, as long as the job is neat and tidy.

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