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  1. MJhnson Lawn

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    I've heard its not good to bag?
    How bad is it on a fescue lawn thats cut and bagged?
    It looks neater when bagged.
  2. marko

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    Not true. It is more benifical for the turf not to bag (adds 1 lb or more nitrogen to the turf every year) plus other benifits. It is faster for you to mow when not bagging, cheaper for them to have it cut when not bagging. Golf courses and sport fields do not catch clippings. If it looks bad, it is your mower or you are waiting too long between cuts, or it is wet. Proper mowing (removing 1/3 of the grass blade or less) on non water soaked grass cant tell by looking if you bagged it or not. What mower are you using?
  3. mastercare

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    There was just another thread on this same subject added to the board.

    Leave the clippings....they feed the turf. Another overlooked benefit is that they are used to regulate temperature and moisture, which can help your lawn survive dry periods a bit better.

    Like it was said: If it doesn't look good, you need to check your mower's abilities. Also, make sure the blades stay sharp. In the spring sometimes there is so much growth that it does look shabby after giving it the
    "go-over." When this happens, you may want to cross cut the lawn (raise the deck 1 step) to further mulch and disperse the clippings. I still think double cutting can be faster than bagging. One mid summer comes, you won't be double cutting anymore, and definately be a lot faster.

    The only way I'd bag is if I had a lawn that was 4 weeks overdue for a cut. Then, I'd cut it once, use a bagger to pick up the clippings, then cross cut it one last time to give it a finished look. That's only for overgrown lawns..,... and the price would be ridiculous!!!
  4. lawnandplow42

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    it kinda depends. Way too much thatch isn't good, but some is good to hold moisture. Returning clippings to the lawn is efficiant because it recyles by putting nitrogen back into the soil. However, if you fertalize regarly, i don't think this applies.
    If you mow correctly, it shouldn't have to look better bagged. However, some leaves etc. are picked up with a bagger which i guess would make the lawn look better.
  5. EC-Rider

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    Here are some of the pros: (for bagging! Lol!) payup

    Nothing looks as good as a bagged lawn…it gives it that manicured look, just ask any Walker operator.
    On a sick lawn the clippings will simply spread the disease to the rest of it.
    A bagged lawn will be healthier and have less weeds b\c you are picking up the seeds.
    In spring, the extra clipping will insulate the ground when you actually want to warm up the soil.
    On a lawn with build up thatch (over ½”) it will make it worst over time.
    On certain types of grass such as Centipede, you may actually hurt it by over fertilizing with the clips.

    And here are some of the buts…err…negatives: (for clips) LOL! :p

    They are a royal PITA to handle and dispose of.
    With a good commercial mower, it will look much better than the rest of 21” homeowner mowers around.
    You will need less fertilizer and thus save.
    You will save our overfilled landfills and thus leave more room for the real trash.
    You will finish faster, can charge less and therefore stay competitive with the scrubs.

    In summation, the recycling industry is pushing hard to leave clippings in the ground and out of their landfills, after all why should they dispose of for it free? Even though some may charge the LCo’s a small fee they’d rather not have it.
    So they have paid thru the nose for studies to get the right reasons to leave the clips in the yards with all. Err…most of our endorsements.
    After all someone once said “money talks and B\S walks” lol!

    Hope that helps!

    It’s all good! Enjoy! Peace! :angel:


    EC-Rider :waving::
  6. wojo23323

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    We have been bagging most of our properties this spring. It has actually saved us time. Super Z with 9 bushel bagger. Only have to empty it a few times per day.
  7. EC-Rider

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    Hey! I’m a Hustler too! ;)

    Operator I mean …no pun here…lol! :angel:

    And there I say I also bag as good as the Walkers? payup

    Ok…let’s no go there on his thread…I love those guys! (Cause they bag of course) LOL! :D
    It’s all good! Enjoy! Peace! :angel:


    EC-Rider :waving::
  8. hole in one lco

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    The bottom line is we don't cut every other day like golf courses and ball fields
    so you can double cut or bag
  9. MJhnson Lawn

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    I use a 36" Scag WB fixed deck, I'm bagging most of my yards this spring,theres been
    alot of rain this spring, and my clients seem to like when I bag, these are mostly biweekly clients,that have fescue thats been fertilized. I usually don't bag my
    bermuda lawns I just double cut them or mulch.

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