Bahia grass elimination

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    I bought some land about 2 years ago. This land was mostly pasture and was used by a farmer for growing hay (bahia). The land is beautiful with some nice big live oaks on it. I have since built a house on this property and have tamed the bahia grass quite a bit. I have a 60" lazer Z mower that does very well as far as cutting this grass. It is 8 acres and I cut about 2 acres around the house frequently....therefore the yard looks pretty good. I cut the rest about once a month at the 4" cut on my Lazer Z. I want to eliminate the bahia that is part of the 2 acres I cut around the house. I know that bahia is not the native grass in my part of the country (Mississippi). With all of this there any way to just kill the bahia and let whatever the native grass is to take over. Most people tell me that I will have to use a tractor to disc the soil and then plant whatever I want in the yard, but this will be very expensive due to seed and watering. I think that inhibiting the bahia growth and allowing something else to take over will be a much better way to go. Does anyone have any advice on this subject.


    Nathan Smith
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    My research comes up with this,hope it helps


    Walter Reeves is a TV and radio gardening show host and former DeKalb Extension agent.
    Listen to Reeves Saturdays on WSB-AM (750) from 6 to 10 a.m. Call 404-872-0750 to ask questions
    about lawns, gardens or pests.

    Metsulfuron (Manor) does a great job but is available only to professionals.
    A vigorous stand of zoysia grass may be your best ally in this fight. Study the zoysia cultivation tips at

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