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  1. perfect for st Aug. you will need am irrigation system, maintain at 4" or higher, and feed properly as well as be on top of insects, weeds, and fungus.
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    Since Argentine Bahia is a low maintenance turf, generally has a very deep root system, hence it's ability to be very drought tolerant. St. Augustine which requires far more care and water to survive let alone look nice.
    The OP should also note that regardless of what type of turf he decides to use a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of full sun will be required for any sustained healthy growth to take place. If the OP'S back yard or sides have less sunlight to work with the results will be less than satisfactory. The usual reasons for weeds in turf are cultural in nature. Cutting your lawn with a dull blade, to short will quickly weaken the turf and allow disease and insect activity to increase very fast. Over watering or watering with reclaimed water seems two be Two of the biggest reasons why lawns fail more times than not.
    Anyone that use to live some where other than Florida consistently will treat their new Florida lawn just like their old lawn where ever that was.
    Florida really has unique soil and weather conditions which are really hard to compare with most of the rest if the country. If the OP wants a nice lawn and is on a budget I would suggest Argentine Bahia or If the OP has more money in his budget go for St. Augustine. O and don't forget your neighbors lawns next door.
    If they have the same type of lawn, weeds that you have, don't waste your $$$. Consider xeriscape for the back yard and turf for the front, sides.
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    I want to thank you guys for all of the advice.

    Tearing out the existing Bahia, replacing it with St Aug and adding an irrigation system is not in my budget right now, unless I win the Florida Lottery tomorrow. :laugh:

    So that being said, I am stuck with trying to resurrect the Bahia. I'm not even going to bother with the backyard. The front will probably need to be re-seeded (?), fertilized, etc.

    Most of the homes built in this area have some type of Bahia grass. I'm sure at the time it was cheap and easy to install.
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    Don't waste your time trying to seed your Bahia lawn. Sod will be your only viable option, depending on how bad your weed problem is. Send me a pm and I would be happy to pay a visit. My drive time to North Port is 30 mins from my home or office.
    easy-lift guy

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