Balancing work life and home life

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. whiffyspark

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    Assuming you don't have a family?
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  2. ManuelMowing

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    Married and one kid. Somebody has to spend the money.
  3. larryinalabama

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    Keep up the hard work!
  4. grassmasterswilson

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    I'm not sure our travel differences are leading to divorce.

    She understands summer is busy and in not able to step away quite as much. I could step away for long weekends but not being in control is hard to do. I have a mowing crew who handles the majority of my mowing. Got a new crew leader for this year and he is gaining my confidence every week.

    Plus she is a stay at home mom and needs me. Haha
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  5. Charles

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    I read a study that said one of the main reasons women over 50 divorce is boredom :waving: I guess they can get bored at any age though.
  6. Efficiency

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    Step one, realize you are never in control. Period. Not ever.

    From there, if you are serious about allowing your business to be independent of you, you need to craft systems and processes that allow your guys/gals to start at step one of X process and arrive consistently at the same results when the series of steps are finished. Would you buy a car if the mfg didn't have a series of processes to ensure quality of results?

    Concerned about the the validity of the results? Craft a way to check those results too. I joked about taking too much time off this year recently. It's because I am taking too much time off. Long weekends most of July and August. Another honeymoon this week lakefront on grand traverse bay. Another week honeymoon for the fall colors in North GA.

    Amazing thing, sitting at a vineyard this afternoon with my wife, I asked if she remembered 4 years ago I was tied to mower seat. Yes, it's possible to break free. You need to want it and it does take work.

    One thing I'm not afraid to say - I used to work a ton just because it was easy. Much easier than admitting I didn't know how to develop X system. Or because I was afraid of trying to implement y change and I might fail. Here is a tip: make every mistake you possibly can but do so only once. Learn from every mistake and you'll be much better for it.
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  7. grassmonkey0311

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    I think I have a new bromance. Love the post!
  8. Roger

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    Efficiency, are you a solo op?

    There are lots of good posts here. But, most that speak about time away are referencing "systems," "others," etc. This implies they are not speaking about solo ops. Maybe I missed it, but I thought the OP was a solo op.

    I noticed that my mechanical maintenence people did not take care of oil changes last week, so I did them myself. I also noticed that the admin crew didn't show up to do the QuickBooks work, and make bank deposits. So, I did those tasks myself. Actually, I noticed the maintenence folks and the admin crew didn't show up the week before either. And, thinking further, they haven't shown up now in the past four weeks! Yikes. In hindsight, they haven't shown up all season. Nor, did they show up for the past 18 years.

    If one chooses to be a solo op, the fallback position is non-existent.
  9. whiffyspark

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    No he's not a solo op. Not many people on here can compare to him.

    He is the smartest person on here. There is a reason we say grow your business. We you have a business you can afford to step away. When you own your own job you can't
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  10. Efficiency

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    No, not a solo op and neither is Patrick your OP. Like I said, 4 years ago my girlfriend (now wife) had a long talk about how we can spend our lives together if I'm always on a mower. The conversation changed my life. Just trying to show that with a plan, you can certainly change the trajectory of your business, especially in short order. And don't think you need huge amounts of money to do so either.
    Wiffy, thanks for the kind words.
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