Balancing work life and home life

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, Jun 9, 2014.

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    This is my second year being out of the mowing truck. I ran a 2 man crew last year and a 3 man crew this year. I still help if they get behind.

    I mainly take care of the paper work, estimates, repairs, and the weed/fertilizer application routes.

    I'm making strides each year and hopefully soon I can add a application tech or just to apps only.

    My crew leader is new this year and forgetting the hang of things. I still like to meet him in the mornings to go over the days route and set him free.

    Thanks for all the advice and thoughts. Keeping the ball rolling in hopes that I can keep/pay a good crew leader/manager to run the mowing side. My biggest problem is finding guys with experience in our field and not cutting their own lawn. They are so hard to find!
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    For me I have a camper boat and jet skis at a lake about 1.5 hours from my house. I have a wife and 2 boys and I will be home to spend time with them. We work hard all week and every weekend I go to the lake so my kids can be kids. Usually take 2 weeks vacation. 1 late summer when grass is slow and then early November before snow flys. We do snow removal and here in the mountains it's usually a couple of days a week all winter. If we get a lot of rain I have my other crews working weekends. They are eager to work so win win. When I started out I promised my wife I would not let the business be my wife. Sure I could probably make more money like some. But if I can go away and still make some money I'm happy. While I'm gone I'm still on the phone or iPad every couple of hours but I'm relaxing while working. I'd rather be kicked back on pontoon on a lake working than be beating in a daylight til dark
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    Thanks for the clarifications on the part of a couple of others. I'm sorry -- thought we were talking about solo ops. My bad.

    Always been solo, and always will be solo. I spent waaaay to many years dealing with employees (not lawn service), and not interested in growing into something larger.

    Also, I think we need to remember that everybody is not wired the same with regard to work. The differences neither make one better, or worse. Somebody commented earlier (who works long weeks) speaks of the work being fun for him. That is fine. Others clearly wish to work, and spend some part of the day, and week, doing other things. That is fine too. Some find enjoyment in doing other things, others do not. Again, neither good or bad, better or worse. Some learned to enjoy doing other things, others did not learn or choose to learn (yes, it is learned). My point is that we venture into dangerous ground when we make assessments of another's perspective on these matters. However, there is much, much to be said regarding family, children, etc. in the mix. That is another discussion.
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    IMO a solo operation in the mowing model and family time with any real account load is near futile. None of my clients have Friday as a regular mow day. Been running every Friday/Saturday since the season some Sunday's.

    As a solo with a happy family life ditch mowing and go applications only.
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    the only reason I have most fridays and saturdays off is because i cut back on mowing to 3 days so i could actually have room to add spray accounts (and handle the 100 I have) so hopefully i will have a chance to drop mowing some day. It has gotten to be tough to do everything out of the same truck, Rain days complicate things even with just 3 days of mowing. when i get done with a round, i usually have one week where i have a friday off (unless i have aerations or shrubs to trim). Would much rather have more apps to do than the day off though. :laugh: But i'll enjoy it while i can. I will pick my 3 year old up from day care early on those days and spend some time with him. My wife gets off early on friday too which give us some family time. that is always nice... but not expecting it to be like that forevor.

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    No kids, just hustlin between Shamrock and Locqus. Got one hell of a girl that fills in the spare time. 6 days a week currently, and try to work it out now and then take it easy in the winter. No kids so I think that helps with time, but learning to cut back and say no is key.
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    I have a full-time job as well as mowing 40 lawns on the side. I usually have Saturday and Sundays off which is nice. Saturdays I am so tired from the work week I don't feel like doing anything. Sundays are filled with church stuff and more relaxing. During the week I can go days without seeing my son. It isn't ideal, but I try to make the best of the weekends. We also make sure to go on a couple decent vacations in the off months.
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    You took the words out of my mouth. I could not have said it better. Most contractor, self employed types are clueless when it comes to enjoying some of the fruits of their labor. The majority of us will be working the rest of our lives why not take a long weekend a handful of times each summer and make some memories.

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