Ball and burlap tree moving/handling equipment?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Green Pastures, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Yeah that's exactly what I did, talked to the guy's where I buy me trees. They will make me a boom type tree handler for $700, seems like a nice price considering my Cat pallet forks cost me $900....;)
  2. Lawnworks

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    That is a great deal. Good luck with it.
  3. milanis

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    What you're describing is the ProLine Grabber. Googling that will get you more detail.
  4. tenndigger

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    Tree Equipment Design manufactures a Red Boss that uses paddles to grab rootballs or containers. It also rotates 270degrees to make loading and unloading a one man job. I have used one before it is a very nice piece of equipment but very pricey. Sales pitch is that you will save on labor costs to pay for machine.
    Dutchman Nurseries makes TreeRex which is very similar
    I have seen ProLine Grabbers before they work very well but not a one man job to load a truck.
    I own a set of Nursery Jaws. I can carry and load 3 B&B plants at one time. The Nursery Jaws seem more versatile in doing other jobs also. It is not a one man job to load most of the time. A very good operator can do some loading by himself.
    As with most equipment the operator's skill level makes or breaks a piece of equipment. Most of these grabber or pincher machines are much better than basic forks. But if the rootball is extremely wet you can squeeze the rootball too much and deform the rootball. Also while carrying the plant if the operator goes over rough ground the tree top can sway back and forth wallowing the stem in the rootball and making the rootball very sloppy.
  5. milanis

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    If you want to get a good, objective discussion of the various ball handlers on the market, I'd suggest checking out They go into the pros and cons of all of them and give you some honest insights.

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