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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by muxx, Apr 9, 2006.

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    We are currently doing some schools, which include baseball fields during the playing season. The best we can think of is the criss cross or checker board look. Is there anything else we can do to give people the WOW look? We have had the best field in the District for 4 years and running, but want something new and different. Thanks for any input.
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    try checking out some of the major league baseball games on tv and see what they do
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    You can follow the curve of the infield.

    Go straight down and back in foul territory, following the line, parallel, and then follow the curve of the infield, starting at the infield and go out.

    Once in a while, I'll follow the fence and go in, but then the curve of the fence isn't always the same as the curve of the infield, so once you get closer to the stands, you end up with patchwork mowing right on the edge of the infield.

    I try to keep the patchwork stuff in the corners out by the corners of the outfield.

    Another thing is to start a home plate, and line up with the pitchers mound.

    Then pick a spot as far out on the horizon as you can, and head straight for that. This will give you a starting point for having lines that are going to go straight out from the center of the stands.

    You can mow one side of the field, then have to come back and mow the other side.

    This one is a little tricky, since the team isn't going to want you to drive straight over the pitchers mound with the mower either, so you'll have to set up, drive to the mound, go around the mound, and then set up again.

    If you've got someone with you, or something to stand on home plate, you could also start out in centerfield and come in, but you can't see home plate from there, so you'll need something higher than ground level.

    The problem with the designs that you see on MLB, is that they've got more specialized equipment than we do, in order to make any profit at what we're doing.

    I'm not about to go out an roll a star in the middle of the field like what was at the All-Star game a couple of years ago.

    Plus, most likely, you're not going to have the quality of turf to work with either.
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    Try the wave pattern (~) parallel to a line from home plate to 2nd base. That would look sweet.
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    Coming from a High School varsity catcher (and I mow yards so I look at these things when I go to different fields) I like the criss-cross the best. I know you want something different, but i was just stating my opinion coming from a player.
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    There is a book by David Mellor that shows quite a bit of unique mowing patterns,he happens to be the head grounds keeper for the red sox and really puts some great designs in there out fields. Here is a link to the book on amazon .
    I actually got the book from the library and read it,There is defiantly some great patterns in it but would be extremely time consuming in my opinion but they do look good. But the book is not to bad of a read at least for any body that enjoys lawn care and some different types of cutting patterns.

    Hope this helps
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    Do the checker pattern but when you mow do a pattern of 2 cutting widths down and 1 back and keep doing this! Make sure your stripes are from corner to corner going diagnolly across the lawn. Then when you get the frist pattern in there you have to start the 2nd pattern so you will get the nice diamonds at the 90 degrees to each other. This puts some nice diamonds in the lawn. I found this information on the simplicity lawn mower site.
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    Thanks for all the input.

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