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Discussion in 'Golf Forum' started by agrostis, Jul 12, 2017.

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    I would have thought much fewer fixed them
  3. agrostis

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    That count was on a par 4, you should see what happens to a par 3.
  4. Waah? Most courses worth a crap are charging 30-45+ for greens fees. Never mind 20 for cart rental.

    That's 65 bucks a person. Multiplied by the 300 or so golfers a good 36 hole course will see a day in the summer....

    I pay 65 bucks to play a round, you are fixing the turf....not me.
  5. CorgiTurf

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    That kind of thinking is why private courses members take better care of the course.... fixing ball marks, raking bunkers, putting sand in divots... etc
  6. Sorry, It's not my job to do yours. The customers that pay your salary create the damage, the groundscrew fixes it. Maybe if the greensfees were less, I'd take more care in replacing divots. I'm paying 65+ to play on your course, you are fixing it.

    I've played on public courses that had better turf than some place I pay 60 bucks for.
  7. agrostis

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    So you think that your entitled to cause damage and your not responsible for it ... thats cool. The world needs hackers too. You know how they say that how a person acts on a golf course is a reflection of how they act in other aspects of life? Its true.
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    When I played in high school we got to play some real nice courses even L,A, CC. We made sure every bunker we passed was raked and repaired every ball mark, as well as all divots.

    Public golf courses charging 60 bucks seems to attract people who seem to think they are entitled entitled to trash the place.
  9. Todd73

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    Back when we were DINKs (Double Income No Kids) wife and I played at least twice a week. Didn't matter what the cost of the greens fees were, I always replaced my divots and fixed ball marks. Thought of it as golf etiquette.
  10. ztman

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    I always try to fix an extra one , in addition to mine. Must be the ones Zombi leaves behind.
    Don't understand why you don't extend the courtesy of fixing ball marks.

    What do you think about the customer that says I am paying the lawn guy $60, he can pick up the dog crap, toys and hose.

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