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Discussion in 'Golf Forum' started by agrostis, Jul 12, 2017.

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    I show all turf love, mine, a customers or the hotel I was staying at in Tennessee where the manager asked what I was doing, turned to him with a cigarette in my mouth and a handful of Sedge, said, "I HATE NUTSEDGE!" He then says " your not gonna send me a bill are ya" haha
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  2. Hmm. You are swinging a club that over 30% of the time becomes ground engaging, on a surface DESIGNED to be hit by said club and complain that the ground does what it's supposed to do?

    Golf courses without groundscrews....are nice parks.

    The 18,000 dollars your course brought in last weekend pays for you to go out and fix divots.

    IMHO, even though I enjoy Golf, courses are in most cases wastes of prime real estate.
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    Like Todd said, (like the term DINKs) it's just golf etiquette. Most that love the game or turf feel it is their duty to replace the divot and fix the ball mark.
    you are leaving your ball mark for the people playing behind you to deal with if it is in their way.
    Even if the greens fees were free some people would still not do it.

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