Ball Park Price On 20 Yards Of Stone

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ADLAWNCUTTERS, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. greenwithenvylandscape

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    wow...yall sound like arguing truck drivers... LOL
  2. crawdad

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    It's funny, isn't it? This dude hasn't even got a lawn business, he's a bean-counter with an internet connection. :laugh: :laugh:
    I think I'll go troll the accountants forum. Are you on it, or did they boot you? :p
  3. lsylvain

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    Funny how you still have not done your research about spelling, yet you ramble on about it with no knowledge of the matter. By showing that you can spell your are simply showing that you have at least the cognitive ability of a trained gorilla and nothing more.

    Your right, I don't own a lawn care biz (unless you count the crews worth of equipment siting in my garage) because I sold the last 2 I owned, 1 just before I went to college and the other in 2003 before I moved to FL. Now I'm gonna start a 3rd and if I feel like it, I sell this one as well.

    If you want to prove to me your intelligence so badly answer these 3 questions. As you are in business these should be pretty simple.

    1. What is marginal cost and how is it applied in business.

    2. Describe two methods of budgeting and give examples.

    3. Describe Behavioral Management and how it relates to the green industry.

    Most of this information is available on the Internet or in almost any business book so you should not have a problem finding the info. Applying the knowledge is the difference between working 3 half days a week and 6 14 hour days a week, that is the trick.
  4. lsylvain

    lsylvain LawnSite Senior Member
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    Oh, and from your last post I see that you also didn't do your research on bean counters, because if you did you would not have had that condescending tone. Again, I implore you, look it up and see what profession has the highest average IQ.
  5. dvmcmrhp52

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    Apparently you haven't applied the knowledge.
    You stated you are in front of your computer 14 hours a day.
  6. lsylvain

    lsylvain LawnSite Senior Member
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    I feel really sorry for you.

    I'm going to assume that you net about $50.00/hour like I do.

    if you work 4 8 hour days you make 1600 a week.

    if I work 6 14 hour days I make 4200 a week.

    So apparently to you making more money is a bad thing?

    And I gather from your response you have no clue about any of the three questions. Little hint. If you go to and search you will find 1000's of pages with information about them. All I'm asking you to do is lookup a couple of definitions and relate them to business.
  7. dvmcmrhp52

    dvmcmrhp52 LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Pa.
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    Nope, no clue.
    Except for the fact that bovine excrement is exuding forth from your keyboard.
    I see you found the spell check.............
    I'll no longer waste my time with a kid and his fantasies.

    So, 20 yards of crushed brick installed for $4000?
    That brick is a bit pricey in my mind.
  8. pagefault

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    Since I'm new here, I might as well let everyone know ahead of time that I have a real problem with bullies and blowhards. I'd like to learn more about lawn care and landscaping, but I can't seem to let these conversations slide.

    lsylvain (IMHO) started this when he/she said:

    "It is also called Tomato not maters and potato not taters. Tires not Tars. Chewing Tobacco not Spitten tebacki, they are lima beans not butter beans, October beans not brown beans, it is an interstate, not a four lane, it's a string trimmer not a weedwacker, a battery not a batry..."

    I'll come back to that.

    First, let me answer the three mystical questions as best as I can. (I changed a period to a question mark for lsylvain. Maybe grammar is not an indicator of IQ either.)

    1. What is marginal cost and how is it applied in business?

    Marginal cost is your cost to produce one more unit. It is also called incremental cost. It is used in business to determine whether or not it is worthwhile to produce that one unit (or more). If I need another $3000 mower to get one more $45 lawn done, it might not be worthwhile to pick up that job.

    2. Describe two methods of budgeting and give examples.

    Payback Period refers to the cost of starting my business, divided by my annual return.

    Internal Rate of Return refers to the interest rate that I would earn if I invested in my business, as opposed to investing in any number of other areas.

    3. Describe Behavioral Management and how it relates to the green industry.

    I suspect this is some theory of optimizing productivity based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It smacks of everything that is wrong with life in a corporation.

    Now, a few quick comments:

    Priceing = pricing
    Inteligents = intelligence
    Inteligence = intelligence
    Duel Degrees = dual degrees
    someones = someone's
    wifes = wife's
    pompuse = pompous
    Your right = you're right

    lsylvain said "I had caps on because I use all caps when preparing someones taxes". Actually, only the first letter of each word was in caps. I do not have a key for that. I do not know how you turn that on and off. Of course, I'm not a super-genius either.

    Getting back to the actual "wheel barrel" argument, lsylvain said "No, but if enough people called a Duck a Donkey it would be called a Donkey." By that logic, it would also be maters, taters, Tars, Spitten tebacki, butter beans, brown beans, four lane, weedwacker and batry. It would also be wheelbarrow, since that's what everyone calls it now.

    Incidentally, here is a link to the Chinese wheelbarrow. I don't see any barrel, so I do not know why they would have called it a wheel barrel then either.

    I hope this helps that poor soul who wanted to know about bidding a job. ;)
  9. lsylvain

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    We already took care of stone dude.

    As far as your answers go pagefault.

    1. Is correct, though your application is flawed.

    2. Is wrong, or maybe I guess partially correct. IRR and Payback period are used in Capital Budgeting but are not forms of budgeting. Capital budgeting relates to choosing between different options, "should I mow grass or do accounting, which generates the highest NPV." What I was going for was the actual types of budgeting. (how you come up with next years numbers?) Static Budget or Flexible Budget.

    3. Is partially correct, in that you have an idea of what it its about, but to say that "it is everything that is wrong with corps." Is kinda silly. It has to do with finding the best way to perform a task. Something very important in LC. You use a ZTR because it is faster and more efficient. You walk in a straight line instead of zigzagging because it is more efficient. I guess all businesses should just let their employees use the pushmower over the ztr and walk to each job instead of driving. Kinda silly.

    That's weird on the Caps thing. it was in all caps the other day, that's why crawdad made the comment about me being mad. Very odd. There is one post with everything in caps.

    Your duck donkey point is what I have been trying to beat into Crawdad's head. If you are in the middle eastern U.S. you can call a potato a tater. it is acceptable terminology. You can call a Wheelbarrow a wheelbar in KY and it is acceptable terminology.

    This whole thing started when myself and others were trying to help a fella out with some stone pricing and crawdad butted in with his you guys are stupid crap, which by the way he has done in other post on numerous occasions. He doesn't have any meaningful input so he tries to belittle others.

    You don't like bullies and blowhards yet you put in your two cents about spelling and capitalization, and all I have done is held my ground and told everyone to look it up, spelling has no correlation to intelligence level. Funny, I'm sticking up for the guy who asked and honest question and got "you'r a dumbass, you spelled wheelbarrow wrong." for an answer, and I'm the bully.

    Incidentally, the Chinese speak Chinese not English so your site that used the term Wheelbarrow was written by and English speaking person. There are a 100 other sites that use Wheel Barrel that provide the same information. You also looked up a site about the Wheelbarrow not the Wheel Barrel so of course it is going to use that as the name, not the other. Actually the Chinese word is attached to this message. So again, going by crawdad's theory we had all better learn Chinese.

  10. pagefault

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    Whatever. I answered your questions and I believe I answered them well enough to disprove whatever point you were trying to make there.

    I stand by my answer to question 3 - it has to do with applying a blanket theory to a group of people, rather than actually getting to know them individually and learning how to get the most out of each. Go work at Dell for a while and you might come around to my point of view. Then again, you might still disagree with me.

    You did not just stand your ground. You brought up incest, low IQs, etc. Crawdad was being a smart-ass, but he/she wasn't the first one to be abusive, IMHO.

    I cited that site because the picture showed that it was not a barrel with two wheels. I then wondered why they would call it a wheel barrel, in any language, when that was not even what it was.

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