Ball players rutting up my fields

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by Buckskinner38, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Buckskinner38

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    OK, why is it most amateur ball players got to dig in at the batters box and pithers mound?

    I need a Floyd Perry solution to get these guys to stop digging down to China. I have used clay. It helps to a degree. I have used plastic bread crates. They get ripped out by vandals and they start to warp after a season exposing the corners. Any ideas?

    Oh BTW... I'm on a shoe string budget and who isn't...

    Most of my clients are BAR league softball players. I dont have to much problems from the high school players but there the ones who gripe the most about the condition of the field after the SB Players.
  2. Mancinioldhorse

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    they need stability and a foundation for their swing, other wise, no power. your best bet is just to use georgia clay mixed with field dry and make sure it's raked, filled back in & tamped after every game. or if thats not possible at the end of every game day. If the ruts are allowed to sit through a rain and then dry out they are hard to rake, fill & tamp. the fill will just come right out again.

    as for the bread are wasting your time with that...imo. this is coming from a former HS baseball/football coach.
  3. RD 12

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    Just start by finding the hardest clay around, tamp, fill and get use to it.:drinkup:
  4. Buckskinner38

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    I think your onto something there... I'm not always able to get out there after it rains.

    Here's what I have done, I have used a mix of Turface and clay to back fill the ruts on a red schale infield. I have watered the hole, worked the schale to a point it was manageable, added my mixed media, smoothed it out, tamped with steel tamp wrapped in burlap and left it to dry. With turface, it doesnt take long to dry.

    This is all done by the late morning or early afternoon around 11'ish being the latest time. By the time games start (around 6pm) the fields look good but by the end of the games I'm back to a ruts that is just a deep as it was when I started.

    Now, I have suggested to the sups to let me rebuild the mounds an batter box with clay blocks. After the seen the cost of it, that Idea got axed.
  5. jmoore16135

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    What I have used on some of my sites where I have had that same problem in the batters boxes is I buried a rubber mat about 3/4 of an inch thick and about the size of the areas being worn down. I installed them about 3-4 inches down and packed clay on top of it like I would normally do for a batters box. This prevents the batters from digging down to deep and makes the repair job a little easier.
    Another idea I have thought about doing, but I am sure it will never happen is dig the batters box area out and pour a concrete slab. Just a thought.
  6. Carolina Cuts

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    found this online.... might wanna pick one up for the ball field.... :rolleyes:

  7. Buckskinner38

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    Great Idea...

    The law dept. has just a few stipulation before it gets posted...
    It needs to be in braille, Spanish, Mandarin and English as well as some sort of "visual" sign depicting the rule for those can not read at all.

    Their needs to be one sign posted at each entry way as well as a "common area" for all to see.

    Also there needs to be a municipality ordinance code posted on the signs stating where the rule can be found if enforcement is needed.

    Oh, wait a minute, is there such an ordinance?:nono:

    I lost it when the "visual" sign idea was purposed... :laugh: The lawyers didn't think it was funny at all.
  8. Baseballer1100

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    Make sure you sweep the turface out before tamping and dont mix the turface with the clay. it will break up the clay and ruin the clays purpose.
  9. groundsmgr

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    Being on a shoe string budget myself, I dug the batters box out abot 5-6 iches down. then added 3-4 inches of hard clay tamping and watering it in every 2 inches. then I toped it off with my infield mix. I still get some digging but not like i use to.:cool2:

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    Go To The Pound And Gather Up All The Cat Doo U Can
    Burrie It 4 Inches And Cover Up When They Hit That They Will Stop Digging And Try To Cover It Up Like A Cat.

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