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  1. farmer_lab

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    I have never done a ball field before and was wondering if any of you have done them before and could give some pointers on price and products to use. Any help would be helpful. The ball field is aprox. 70000sqft.
  2. jerryrwm

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    Contact your local Hunter Rep. They have a complete binder of Sports Field Irrigation Sytems. Nelson and Rainbird also have a Sports Field Specification Binder. And I think Toro used to have one also.

    The are a good reference, but don't necessarily use the plans to install your field. Make modifications and adjustments as necessary.

    Depending on the complexity of the installation, football fields run around $12- 15K and baseball fields $15-$18K. Just some rough numbers.

    Most I ever got for a football field was $25K. But that was because it had two systems installed on it. One was for domestic water and the other used surface run off and was connected to a retention pond pump station and level switches. The Hunter I-40s were literally 12" apart. Just made bigger trenches and had to remember which side of the field I was coming from when plumbing it in. It would've been easier if they had let me use RW Purple pipe, but they didn't want to spring for the extra money.

  3. JeffY

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    Never done baseball fields, but have done several football fields. The 10-12k sounds right for football fields as it is predominately done in PVC due to pressure and flow.
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    Just finished a complex with 6 baseball fields. We average $18000 per field when doing multiple fields and get around $20000 when just doing a single.
  5. farmer_lab

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    Thanks for the help. Any ideas on project cost to you and time so that I could roughly figure costs.

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