Ballparking to find out what lawn Carecompany is worth

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grandview (2006), Apr 21, 2008.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    I may have an an opportunely to buy out the lawn care portion of the company I used to work for.The only equipment is a truck,last I heard there was about 700 accounts. I know different parts of the country have different pricing ,just trying to get a feel for what one account is worth.Company has been in business 25 yrs.
  2. RigglePLC

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    Well-depends--rule of thumb is about 75 percent of annual sales.

    Or---about 4 times annual profit.

    I either case, add in the value of equipment separately.

    How are you going to finance the purchase? Can you pay 2000 a month for 4 years?
  3. garydale

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    The 75% rule is about right.
    Be sure non- compete is addressed, retention percentage is set and cancelations.
    Get agreement on the seller helping with the transition. ie: letters of introduction etc.
  4. grandview (2006)

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    Your just talking about 1 yr of profit correct ? Spread out over 4 yrs.
  5. humble1

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    80-100% around here, depends on how good they are.
  6. americanlawn

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    We we offered well over 90% of annual income years ago. No trucks, equipment, real estate.......just customer base. It all depends on how well the purchase benefits you in the long run.
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  9. Tscape

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    Start at 100% around here. Before the economy started going backwards it was 125-150%. Who knows, now maybe 75% is good.

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