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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cat320, Sep 8, 2000.

  1. cat320

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    I have many bambo plants that are like weeds in my yards and i have asked every body how to kill them.No one knows there roots travel under ground quite a distance and sprout up every where/ My question is ther any thing that will ger ride of them and there roots?
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    One of my customers has bambo in their yard. It's always out of control. I read in the newspaper to kill bambo, first cut it off near the ground, then pour round-up down inside. I've never tried this, but if you do, let us know if it works.

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    Bamboo i have bamboo its easy to control if your using it for a the piont you want it to stop dig a 3Ft deep trech . u can use galv. metal,fiber glass sheets or whatever. place it in the trench at an angle and burryit the roots the regrow will shoot straight up at an angle and just cut them get rid of i think with out chemcail
    you dig 3ft of soil off the area too elimnate the root ...maybe
  4. SLSNursery

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    Do you have real bamboo, or Japanese bamboo (red/green stalks) with veiny green leaves. Here in CT, south of you, we have a lot of the Japanese Bamboo (a.k.a. Whiskey Weed by some who it drives crazy), which is in flower now. The best time to control it is now, with a non-selective herbicide like Roundup. We Spray with Roundup Pro - at about 3%-5% (about 2x recommended normal rate) - maybe 3 oz./Gal. And, using a higher volume sprayer(We use a 200 gallon sprayer with a 2 - 2 1/2 gallon nozzle), to spray ALL leaf surfaces (top and bottom) to the point of runoff has worked well. The backpack sprayers don't seem to provide coverage no matter how strong the mix, or how much spray you let out. The leaves will get spotted, and the plants won't die if you don't get good coverage. It's tough to control pre-emergently, even under asphalt if its the weed I am thinking of. We have spread Dyclomec under asphalt as a preventative successfully. However, at the edges of the parking areas (behind curbs, against buildings), we now need to use repeat, heavy apps of other pre-emergents to keep the weed in check season after season.

    Its nasty, and I suspect it would be virtually impossible to cut and apply straight roundup as previously suggested. That method is similar to what the roundup literature suggests for stump control, and it does work, however, you probably have a whole bunch of stumps after you cut it down.

    Bottom line - Leave it nice and tall, spray a heavy roundup solution now, and then again in a couple of weeks to any missed areas. Then, cut down what ever dead stalks exist. Next Year stay ahead of the plant.
  5. cat320

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    I have tried every thing even round up but is the pro stuff better than what i would get at home depot? And to use it don't cut it with to much water use it more staight then. thanks for your help.
  6. HealthyLawns

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    If you do edging, don't use plastic, or anything weak. Those dang things can bust through more than you would think.

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