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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Aproct, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Aproct

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    I know this is a talked about topic, so here are some pictures of a clean up that we did. 2 workers, 18 hours!

    I think the pictures explain it all....

    Picture 004a.JPG

    Picture 003a.JPG

    Picture 002a.JPG

    Picture 005a.JPG

    Picture 006a.JPG
  2. Aproct

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    More photos...Of course we seeded the entire area....

    Picture 007a.JPG

    Picture 008a.JPG

    Picture 010a.JPG

    Picture 012a.JPG

    Picture 013a.JPG
  3. DowntoEarthLLC

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    It looked alot better with the bamboo. ;)
  4. activelandscaping

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    Nice job. :)
    Fences are kind of an eyesore though. How bout some nice Hydragea petiolaris, looks like a great spot for them. :)

  5. Aproct

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    The bamboo was planted by the customer's mom about 10 years ago. The customer was cursing the mother out something fierce. Anyway, this was just the first step. In the spring, we are going to put a plan together in putting in new flower beds, putting up a new fence (which is why the bamboo had to come down), tearing down the shed and so forth. The customer just wanted the ivy and bamboo gone this year....

    Go figure....
  6. Critical Care

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    In one of the pictures it looked as if some of the bamboo is still along the fence. If this is the case, what will prevent it from spreading? This is apparently the running type of bamboo versus clumping – they tend to cause problems. Nevertheless, I’d be curious to know what type of bamboo that is – or was. It obviously was hardy enough to do well in your NJ climate.

    Had a client out on the Oregon coast that had a grove of giant timber bamboo, and even though this place was in town, when you’d walk through it you couldn’t help but get the feeling that you were in another part of the world. It took work to keep it under control, but I enjoyed it. Last time I was out there, all of the giant bamboo was gone, and now the place looks like your typical suburban home. Home improvement?
  7. Aproct

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    Critical Care,

    Actually I believe we had a combination of both. The creeping and clumping type. I think in one of the pictures you can see the piles of the root balls that we removed from ground. Then you would have the creeping veins coming off going in all different directions. What a PIA! Anyway, yes there was some left between the two fences. What I didn't show was that later we got in between the 2 fences and cut the individual stalks as close to the ground as possible. Then before we backfilled the area, we put down a piece of flashing approximately 60' long by 2' wide in the ground along the chain link fence. This elimates the bamboo from creeping back into my customer's yard from the nieghbor's yard since we didn't have permission to put any chemicals on the neighbor's yard. Not that it would have mattered since nothing really seems to kill bamboo chemically. I informed the customer that there maybe be some residual bamboo that may sprout up through the yard and they will need to be cut down. But since I am out there every week maintaining the grass, I keep and eye on it and cut when necessary.

    For the job that we did, I was really impressed with the low amount of grow back. We took two trailer loads worth of bamboo, the one in the picture. Note the trailer is a 16X7 with 4' walls!!!!Then one trailer load of the sucked....

    Any other questions I be happy to answer.
  8. Up North

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    If this is a stupid question I apologize now. But can bamboo grow almost anywhere outside, like even here in MN? I have a customer with this huge man eating thing that grows like crazy and is a SOB to mow around because each week it's bigger and harder to get under, looks like bamboo. Could it be?

  9. Aproct

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    Bamboo is some hardy S*&T....It will practically grow anywhere. It does have a dormant stage, probable a lot longer in your zone compared to my zone. There are different variety of bamboo, so without seeing a picture of it, it would be tuff to say. But if it is constantly multipling, I would say it probable is........

    I should have put a sign out on my trailer, bamboo fishing poles for sale!!!My employee even kid with me and said we should call the zoo and see if the panda bears need any food...I looked, laughed and kept working...
  10. gogetter

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    What's the machine in the 3rd photo, with the bucket on the front?

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