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  1. Dingo

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    In my back yard i have a huge bamboo forest and its taking over my lawn. Every year it creeps farther and farther. Is there anyway to stop the growth? What would be the best way to cut some of it back to regain some of my yard? <br>thansk <br>Dingo
  2. john boylan

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    Just keep cutting it down to ground level and kicking over the new shoots. Eventually you'll win. I've cut with a Corona Pro Lopper, a brushcutter blade, and a pruning saw: all seemed to work well, but the brushcutter was probably the slowest, the lopper the fastest, and the lopper and pruning saw about tied for the hardest work. Good luck.
  3. geogunn

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    I wish I could help you with the bamboo problem. I am currently in the need for a few dozen bean poles for my garden.<p>I suggest that you cut a bunch at about 18 feet. cure them then run an ad in the free ad paper &quot;selling cane poles&quot; for a couple of bucks each. It might work.?.<p>I offered to clear a ladies cane patch but she said I could only have &quot;two&quot;!<p>good luck!<p>GEO

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