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  1. cs12bigfoot

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    Does anyone know what you can spray bamboo with to kill it. I have used a 6% and a 10% solution of roundup and it just burns it down and in a few days it comes back. Thanks for any advice.
  2. livingsoils

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    I have an unorthodox way to control it. it worked well for me, but it took a long time to get control all the bamboo.
    we had a stand 50'X50' and 15 feet tall. We first cut it down with a brush hog and then we had the fire company do a controlled burn to remove any debris.
    We then heavily seeded it with a turf type grass and mowed it once a week. We also fertilized it once a month with 1lb of N and kept mowing it:weightlifter: . The bamboo kept sending new shoots up but we continued to mow it.
    What happened is that we exhausted the the plant and now we have a nice stand of grass. By putting nitrogen down it makes the plant push tender shoots out while the mowing kills the new growth. We did this for about a year and now the area in now mostly grass but every once in a while you do get a bamboo shoot but nothing to worry about.
  3. Green Dreams

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    Dig it out as far as you can. Place plastic over it and fill back in with dirt.
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    garlon 3a...
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    What is so wrong with Bamboo? It's a natural Panda attractant and makes some pretty decent outdoor patio furniture. Instead of destroying it, learn to turn it into something useful. Cut a bunch of it the same length, bind it together with wire and make fencing out of it. Bind longer shoots together like the fencing and go around building backyard huts for people to entertain in.
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    sell what you cut down.
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    is it "trailing" or "clumping" bamboo?

    trailing runs all over the place.

    clumping stays in a defined area.

    clumping is valuable to dig and re-pot for indoorscapes or for outdoor landscapes. transplants very easily.

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