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  1. Kevmetro

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    What's is the best way to get rid of this stuff? It's running bamboo! We took an Mini-Ex in and dug out 2000sqft 8" deep. I know that didnt get it all but what's next? What can kill the roots?

    We are going to bring in about 6" of top soil on top of what we took out.
  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Need to go down about 2 feet and then you will still have some pieces that will try to come back....just keep cutting them off and hope for the best

  3. crab

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    systemic herbicide on everything that comes back for months and months!
  4. Dreams To Designs

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    I'll second what has been said, but eradication may take years. Any small piece of root can regrow and start the process all over again. This will be a long term commitment,unless you remove all the soil to at least 24" in the entire area. Bamboo is in the grass family, so heavy doses of high strength systemic will be necessary.

  5. larryinalabama

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    Bamboo only sends up new shoots 1 time per year. All you have to do is mow them over while they are coming up. In a couple of years they willl quit coming back. Wish I could have dug the Bamboo up for you I love the stuff.
  6. Kevmetro

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    from Va
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    Thanks! The owner thinks if we keep digging then we will get rid of this stuff. We wont their is a drive on one side, a road in front and it has reached next door. So it's going to be hard. It has made for some nice meals at night.
  7. landscaper22

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    You can go to Lesco (Sorry I mean J D Landscapes :cry:) and get some Sahara. The only thing is it will kill anything it comes in contact with. If any tree roots are around they could be killed too. Nothing will grow in that area for some time....:laugh:
    I didn't know Bamboo only puts out once per year. My brother has some in his back yard and we are trying to get rid of it too. I have not sprayed it yet. It's on borrowed time...
  8. Plant Buyer 83

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  9. mdvaden

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    If you don't have to plant the same spot for a year, Casoron may kill new cell division trying to grow throught the chemical barrier layer.
  10. beersnake

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    Break off new shoots as they appear, once broken off it will not grow anymore from that node on the root then dig that root up, bamboo grows underground the same way it grows above ground. It only comes up during a short growing period. If you keep mowing it it will probaly die in time. Root prune to keep it contained once cut it does not continue to grow in the same direction.

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