Bandit 990XP or Morbark 12R 12inch chipper?

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Guest, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Have any of you used or owned either? Both are fairly similar, the morbark offers cat/perkins engine options in the 12" size and Bandit offers the optional Deere 4.5L which i'd like to stick to all the same diesels since our equipment has the 2.4, 3.0 and 4.5L engines already. its a $2500 option to the Bandit model and not offered in the Morbarks until your into their 15" size which is already about mid 50k range or higher.

    We really don't need a 15", the 12R morbark we've rented before does plenty with a 74hp Perkins.

    Bandit has nearly a full 5yr warranty on their machines, Morbark I'm unsure what theirs exactly entails.

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