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Bandit broken welds!!

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Guest, Jun 28, 2012.

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    It sounds to me line the machine is being run with dull knives. Knives must be removed an sharpened when dull otherwise the chipper will vibrate itself apart. Also the flip down trays on the bandits or any chipper are week at best. You can expect them to break welds on them.
    With the hydrolic lines, there should be a warning label that states it is the owners responsibility to make sure hydrolics and bolts are tight.

    My guess is change the knives more often or stop sending rakings through.
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    Here in Jersey we got a big snow storm in October that took down a ton of trres and limbs. Long story short, Morbark couldnt get their chippers out fast enough as well as Bandit. But Bandit was producing more chippers per day and were shipping them faster as well to our area. My best friend ordered a 250xp and it arrived in only 7.5 days. HOWEVER, we think because they were rushing them out the quality has suffered, reason being under the tourque and force of a 10-12" log welds were popping every where and hose fittings were loosening and falling off. He called Bandit and they came out and fixed everything and went over the whole chipper for almost 4 hours, but he mentally has distrust about it. Has anyone ever heard anything like this. Used to be a bandit guy i dont know......

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