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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kylecal91, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. kylecal91

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    I recently received a call from Alliance Property Maintenance and they want me to contract to do work on foreclosed homes for them. I have never done any work for a company like this before and was just wondering what some of you guys thought about it? Is it worth doing?
  2. OakNut

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    I hope you like photography.

  3. kylecal91

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    So I'm assuming there is too much red tape involved to really make any money?
  4. OakNut

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    Oh, I don't know about the money and I've never really looked into it, but from what I've read, it doesn't sound like something I'd be interested in.

    I'm not taking photos to "prove" that I've done what I said I'd do.

    Certainly someone with firsthand experience will be by...
  5. die4irish

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    generally it goes like this. Take 8 before pictures from all 4 corners of the property. a couple pictures of you measuring the grass. a few pictures of you mowing the lawn and trimming and blowing then 8 more after pictures. ( this is the key) FROM the same angle as the before pictures. Also need Identifiers. Pictures of street sign- address -all 4 sides of the house. + electric meter and gas meter. Go home and spend your whole night downloading them to their web site. Miss any pictures and NO PAY FOR U

    Oh yeah. all for $35
  6. jarabe1

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  7. kgs1

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    there is another thread on this, I dont recommend doing work for these companies, been there done that but, its your will tell you everything you need to know...hud guidelines & others etc; & also a list of national PP companies to look in to if you like...something to think about though...these companies are for the most part middle men.. & work directly for the , if you want to realy get into this, have your insurances ready & check out your local banks in your area & work for them & eliminate the middle man...& yes you still have to take a lot of pic's...
  8. kylecal91

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    Thanks for the info guys. Sounds like this is another too good to be true scenario...
  9. monoshock

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    Nailed it.:hammerhead:
  10. kgs1

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    dont get me wrong guys ..there is money to be made IF you are in the right area & can take on all the work they have for you ..By the right area I mean if the company you work for has a lot of WORK for you in your my area,the jobs were few & far between so it didnt work for me..a lot of travel time back & forth & the grass is knee high most of the time...we all know that your not going to make a lot of profit on knee high lawns every other week (thats how they want it cut) BUT, I will say this, you can negotiate the price with these companies...just because they have guidelines to go by from HUD & others, it doesnt mean YOU have to cut the lawn for that will get a work order,then you can except it or not, its up to you ...but if you have a lot of work in your area then I suggest you except the bad with the good because if you dont they will find someone else to do it...The real money to be made here is in the repairs...most cities or counties have the banks keep there homes in good condition so if there are any code violations the bank has to have them fixed, & they will pay you to fix them!!! because they will get find enormously for not fixing them...but that being said,you have to be able to do all of the construction work (carpentry,roofing,wiring,etc) and the list goes on ...if your not equiped for this type of work then you can sub it out I guess...all & all its a bigger hassel for me in this area than its worth...take a long look at the web site I put in here on the other post before this one & check out some of the companies....if its for you than I say good luck to you! just be diligent on your prices for lawns...

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