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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kylecal91, Jun 4, 2013.

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    We did some of this for a couple companies last year because they promised an extra 15-30 yards a month. We did it for about 2 weeks before I put an end to it for good. Like others have said there are a ton of photos they require and usually when you get there on the initial cut the grass is a foot tall or more, plus they pay VERY slowly! If your new to the business and need some yards it might be something to look into to get started but I would not recommend it.
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    I got asked to give prices by one property management company and they were all over the place. I told them $100 a yard (all around .5 acre) and then almost immediately was afraid I might actually get it. I didn't, but the high price would have at least made it worth my time. If enough people did this, they may actually have to pay reasonable prices. There's enough guys out there with John Deere tractors who have high hopes to keep the property management companies happy.
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    I agree with everyone else... these asset management companies and property preservation companies are getting paid very handsomely by the powers that be... they in turn sub everything out and try to get the last nickel out of you... Don't do it.

    If you want to work with foreclosed houses to keep you busy look for the BROKERS that are LISTING these properties and get in good with them.

    I actually got in very good with a few over the years, not for lawn work, but for the junk removal and trashout service that needs to be performed before the bank lists the house. You get all sorts of good stuff and get paid very handsomely if you know how to bid properly and setup your system to make it profitable.

    look into www.trashoutstartup dot com - good info

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