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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jspsc123, May 14, 2012.

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    My first thought is this even legit or do they want you to pay for some "program" that helps you get business?

    The second thing is that it seems to me that you would be trading short term customers for long term clients. Eventually, (hopefully) the foreclosures slow down and you are left with no loyal customers.
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    Man you sound confused. Sit down and relax a bit.
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    That never works out. At least for me. If you just lost your job and are looking for work, then go for it. If you want to be a LCO then forgot about it. Look for long term customer's.
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    A few years ago I experienced the good and bad of mowing foreclosures.

    THE GOOD: I was contracted by a real estate company that gave me tons of properties to mow. They would text me the street addresses and I would charge them according the the property condition and drive time and mileage (which they paid with no questions asked). I mowed all properties on a bi-weekly schedule until they were sold...I got paid once a week and most of the properties were in the $300K and up range (great neighborhoods) and got a few more jobs from residents when they saw my truck/trailer.

    THE BAD: I worked one day for a bank that contacted me and wanted me to mow their foreclosed properties. The bank told me they were going to pay me a $40 flat rate per property, and they wanted it cut once a month...I was leary about the situation from the start but agreed to do it on a one time trial...most of the properties were in bad neighborhoods, most had bricks, beer bottles and 2 foot tall growth and were spread all over creation....I lost money that day and refused the rest of the work.....Just a little info on my experiences in the foreclosure world.
  6. sancho_man_orlando

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    Long ago, I was struggling to build my lawn business up.

    I was contacted by a top producing agent to give an estimate in a high dollar area to trim some hedges.

    This many was out on a saturday by himself removing items from the house.

    He had a large weight lifting maching (very nice) that he needed help with and said if he and I could load it into my truck... I could keep it!

    Turns out this was a foreclosure and he was doing a trashout for the bank. Him and his son put in a bid and won... but his son decided he had other things to do on friday evening than to get the rest required to get up early and beat the heat on a saturday morning... so this guy was left to do it on his own!

    Since then I have mowed many lawns for banks (I don't even own a mower, I sub them out) and although I don't really make anything for them I get alot of "trashout" business which makes me happy.

    I am a lawn guy turned foreclosure cleanout aka trashout guy!

    It's often dirty, hard work... but the pay is much better and you get to keep a bunch of the stuff for yourself, resell it for more $ or donate it and feel good about it.


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