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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassdaddy, May 11, 2003.

  1. grassdaddy

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    I think I messed up today-Uncle,(LIVES 100 MILES AWAY)told me a good friend of his at local bank had repo'd 3 Scags from a guy.2 ztrs and a w/b.The big ztr was a 23/61,the other 2 mowers he wasn't sure of size.8000.00 for all.Uncle thinks a good close offer would buy it all.I wasn't to interested till he left and I got to thinkin about it.I'M in market for ztr in next few months,but had my heart set on super z,should I inquire further?Uncle is hard core business man(old school)I hate to bother him if I ain't serious.:confused:
  2. GraZZmaZter

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    It depends what year ans shape the machines are in. If it turns out to be a great deal, i would buy them.

    Even if you didnt want to keep them, you could flip them to make a few bucks.
  3. EJK2352

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    How well were these units maintained?? Alot of guys that know the repo man is coming will say the heck w/ maintenance and beat the hell out of them. I would be leery of these units.
  4. grassdaddy

    grassdaddy LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well it turns out the big ZTR is a 27hp not a 23.So it can't be over a couple yrs old.Uncle bought it,he's gonna call me in a day or two.I priced a new 27/61 this yr for 9200.I'm bettin I can get it for 4 or 5 grand max.What do youall think?
  5. Terrible deal, take a pass. By the way, what's your uncle's phone number? LOL
  6. awm

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    the big unknown is, the state of mind of the fellow that lost sure and clean the carb and change the oil an filter.
    it be real easy to make these motors
    go out real fast. if a fella was of a mind to.. hydros would be real vulnerable also.

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