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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DiSantolandscaping, Nov 26, 2011.

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    ok so i did some snow blowing for a customer the other day during the snow storm we got. She wrote me a check and i got two business on my bank account. Its DiSanto Drywall paint and landscaping. well my customer wrote the check out to disanto snowplowing by mistake instead of landscaping or snowblowing. anyways this bank i have gave me a hard time to cash the check because snowplowing wasnt on my account. well i asked if they could change my account name and she said no. she put the check in their this time but she said next time it has to say disanto drywall paint and landscaping. Im thinking about letting the check clear on monday and taking my money out and going to a different bank and just having it say landscaping and snowplowing. Would you choose a credit union or regular bank. Ive had nothing but problems with my current bank and if you dont make money for a month so you dont put any in your account they take like 5 bucks out.
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    I just opened an account with Compass Bank and so far it seems pretty good. I have two different DBA's under one LLC and they put all of them on the account (Landscaping and pest control). They charge $11 per month, unless you have $3k in the account. So far so good. I haven't tried a credit union for business so no opinion there.
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    I have chase bussines. My company name is registered with the state and bank as Carmel Landscapes. I have Deposited checks written out as Carmel Landscaping, landscapers Caramel Landscaping... never a issue. they also print out a picture of the check for you and checks usually clear the same day. bounced checks are 5 bucks and transfering money is instant. They will also do your payroll and accounts payable for a nominal fee. I have nothing bad to say about my bank. I use them for savings, bussiness and personal checking, loans...
  4. DiSantolandscaping

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    well with this one bank its all free checking but if you dont have any activity for a month thats when they take some of the money. but they told me i could have two different names on one account never said i had to have the check written out a certain way. my other bank iused to have never did that as long as my name was on it but they charge 100 a month now if you dont have 1000 in their. so i switched. i guess ill try a credit union with free checking becasue i hear that they are better to get loans and freindly service.
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    I have a credit union for my banking. I have been with them since I was 12, they are really friendly and always there to help. The one thing I that don't like is that I have to go to the bank to deposit a checks, My fiance has Bank of America and you can go to one of their ATM's and deposit anytime and its available the same day. But she gets hit with fees like no other. So you have to figure out what works for you.
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    Everyone of my checks says JSS Lawncare-Landscaping-Maintenance or just Lawncare. I think my customer's just decided to call me what ever. My big bank has never given me a problem at all. I have since switched to a smaller bank.
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    Remember keep your personal money in one bank and use another bank for your business.

    I think it was a poster here that went by procut. He had used the same bank for both and he got hosed over big time.
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    What happened?
  9. 32vld

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    Search procut1.

    If you willing to trust my memory he operated on lines of credit. Essentially short term loans that were used as cash advances to do landscape installs.

    Upon completion he would pay off these lines of credit/loans. These loans are usually written that the bank can call them due at any time. He claimed he never had problems paying the bank back.

    After the economy went down the tube and banks became afraid and made it harder to get loans also ended peoples/business' lines of credit and called back the loans without warning.

    Procuts personal money accounts and business money accounts were with the same bank.

    So his bank called bank his loans and took all his cash from his personal accounts to satisfy his business loans.

    This left him without cash to meet pay roll and all his other business costs. As well as the cash to do more large landscape jobs.

    Easy to sit back now and say keep personal and business money with different banks.

    Also maybe if procut1 grew his business slower on profits instead of being tempted to grow large fast using loans he would of survived the credit crunch.
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    If a check isn't made out perfectly, I deposit it using my debit card at my banks atm directly inot my checking account - no problem, no cost.

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