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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LawnsRUsInc., Mar 4, 2007.

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    I have heard many things about this topic from const. co. all the way to municipal emp. I have some emp. that want to bank their hours starting this coming season. I have heard that i can call is a vacation fund, its illegal idk what to believe. Does anyone have any info or insight on this subject?
  2. ECS

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    Against the law. Check with the DOL.
  3. dchauling

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    It's legal in Canada as long as it is on writing by both the employee and employer.
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    I would think that this could be a nightmare in reagards to keeping track of hours banked and such.....

    Do you bank them at overtime or regular rate....
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    I got back 1/2 time on all my banked hours for two years. If I had 16 hours banked and took two days off with pay, that is straight time. I got back the half time for those 16 hours. Where I worked, this was a common practice for years. When I got fired, I wanted and needed my money. The USDOL went in and did an audit just before Christmas, I got all my half time owed to me over the past two years that the DOL goes back on, so did every employee they had. I fought that with my employer for years, demanding 1 1/2 time off but got nowhere, until the end when they were audited. If I had taken 1 1/2 time off, I would have gotten nothing back.

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