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Banning Phosphorous


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Cheyenne, WY
Just thought I would let you know that here in Madison( the Capitol of WI) our city councel is imposing a ban on the use of fert. that contains phosphorous. The County Board is looking into banning its use also. The reason for the ban is because of all the algae in the lakes. Our local suppliers have been preparing for the ban for quit sometime and changing over to phosphorous free fert for the last couple years. What are your feelings on this ban? Do any of you other guys have this same ban?


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according to a lesco rep. here in florida, this state is putting a limit on the amount of phosphorous allowed in fert. not sure about a complete ban. Lesco is in the midst of changing their ferts distributed here to obey this upcoming regulation.


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S.E. Michigan
Minnesota has a ban on phosphorus and Michigan is also considering a statewide ban.


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S W Florida
The one of Worlds Biggest Supply of Rock Phosphate is along the Peace River, mostly Desota County Florida. Since the 1880's it has been stripped mined and shipped all over the world. Our soil is rich in phosphorous only problem is it is unavailable to our plants.

Now over the years there have been many many spills. The rich Fishing that was once here is no more. However is was RED TIDE and commercial fishing pressure that cause this more than the phosphate spills. As far as I know there is no relationship between Phosphate and RED TIDE. RED TIDE is a colony of microbes that floats in the water and moves with the tides. It kills Most sea life when it is present.

With Soil that is so high in Phosphate we don't have Algae problems in our fresh water. Yes we have algae like everyone in our water. Clear water is worst because Sunlight not Phosphate.