Bar oil in fuel tank

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by JDsLandscapeSolutions, May 8, 2010.

  1. JDsLandscapeSolutions

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    Ok so here is my situation: I was maintaining a (new to me) echo chainsaw, sharpened it and then went to full the bar oil reservoire and filled the gas tank with bar oil. :wall:wall After I realized what had been done I dumped out all liquid and never even tried to start the my question to all you out there. . . what should be done next and how much damage have I done? On the up side this is not my primary saw so its not a catastrophe but it is (was) still a working saw.

    USFGUY LawnSite Member
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    gas will dilute the oil.. fill it with cheap 87.. shake.. empty.. repeat a few times.. you could spray some carb cleaner in it as well.. but personally i think the gas fill drain would be fine for my equipment.
  3. JDsLandscapeSolutions

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    thanks i knew someone would help me out
  4. Darryl G

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    Are you saying it doesn't run now?
  5. Gravel Rat

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    Rinse the tank out with some straight gas put the cap on the fuel tank and shake the saw to slosh the gas around and dump out the gas and repeat. If you are worried fill the tank and let it sit over night and dump the gas out.

    Oil is oil the saw will smoke a bit when you start it up with some mixed 50-1.
  6. SouthSide Cutter

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    My Dad borrows some of my stuff all the time. It came back a couple years ago with oil and black chit just running out the exhaust. Plugs were carboned up. He mixed bar oil for 2 stroke oil. Didnt think it would hurt oil is oil he also thought. Changed plugs washed tanks out, refilled with good mix. They are still running ok today.
  7. fixer67

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    I see this done all the time. Just dump it out, flush it once and fill it with 2 cycle gas. It will smoke a bit more than it nominally would because of the extra oil in the mix. No damage done. I work in a small engine shop and see this done at least once every week or two. As you did not try to start it there is no bar oil in the carb so it should start with no problem. I have see them when they were tried to start with bar oil in the fuel tank and the oil got into the carb. That is a bit of a problem to start but most often not super bad. I think you will be just fine.
  8. swandrie

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    back in the day they use to use motor oil to mix with gas for 2 cycle! just empty out oil and add right mix, your machine should be ok.
  9. SLR

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    I used to run bar oil in my Mc as premix for punishment for running like crap when out in the those that remember my posts about it being left out there after i gave up on it,i finally sold it for $30,yes i can now get that kidney i always wanted now!

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