bar tires on a hustler fastrak 44?

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    I own a hustler Fastrak 44" ZTR. I don't own a business, and it's for use on my personal property. However, It currently has turf tires on it, and a decent part of my pasture is soggy most of the year. The result is that I frequently get stuck, or don't mow it and pay someone to come in 3-4 times a year with a bushhog.

    I'd like to switch to some bar tires for a better bite. However, I also don't want to change the quality of the cut, so I'm thinking of sticking with the stock size.

    Form the owners manual ( I can see on page 5-4 that the drive tires are 18x8.5, but every tire I look at online has a third number. I assume it's the rim size (similar to a car) but I don't see any info about that in the owners manual.

    Does anyone know what size bar tire I'd need to order to fit the stock rims on this machine? 18 x 8.5 x ? I'm looking at carlisle r-1 bar tires.
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    Sorry for the confusion.
    The last # is a 8, as in 18 X 8.50-8
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    only 18x950x8 is made in a bar lug...Carlisle super lug.


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