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Bar Tires

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Has anyone put bar tires on their ZTR.
The lack off traction is driving me crazy.
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we have titan at101 bar tires on one of our exmark ztrs 60" deck
and it is the second set, the prev z had them also, you will not
believe that you are on the same machine,we take care of part of
a 30 acre gas tank and pipeline facility,the union guys cut the flat
with their front mount kubotas 4wd, and they will not touch the dikes with their machines, i cut all the dikes with our z, just remember to be carful the increased traction on the hills with new tires can have the tendency to lift the front up. be careful!
envy i'm not really sure about the spacing issue, our z's have
24x12.5x12 rears from the factory, the 52" has 23x10x10, u may want to try a different set of rims as the offset may be all you need, usually the wider rim has a deeper offset(i think?)
big dave i have to say that if u get a kid on it and not paying attention, they have a tendency to tear a little more, but thankfully i am fortunate that this machine is basically reserved for hillside mowing and i am the only one that does that for the boss as far as the ride they are not any softer they are still 12 ply they are just as rough at times , but well worth it in my opinion if you have steep hills to mow........ and your welcome
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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