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Bar Tires

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Has anyone put bar tires on their ZTR.
The lack off traction is driving me crazy.
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Any updates????

I've been thinking about picking up a spare set of tires & wheels. I'm looking to try something similar to Grasshopper's "balloon" bar treads.

I'm just sick of my tires "packing up" with grass.

I'm pretty sure that's the same tire I was thinking of. They appear to be a softer tire than the Super Lug. My Z has 20x10-10 tires and those come in 21x11-10. My clearance is very tight and I'm not sure they would work without a little different rim spacing.

I have room to step out the rear track width without loosing all the trim overhang on the deck. Where would a guy get the rims with different spacing to mount the spare set of tires on?
Originally posted by mowit12000
envy i'm not really sure about the spacing issue, our z's have
24x12.5x12 rears from the factory, the 52" has 23x10x10, u may want to try a different set of rims as the offset may be all you need, usually the wider rim has a deeper offset(i think?)
Yeah, but where would I buy these rims? They might fit stock rims, but I want the other tires on another set of rims anyways. I have plenty of trim to play with, so why take a chance on them rubbing ya know?

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:blob3: Does anyone know where to buy the rims at?
Those look like the Super Lug tires. They look harder and appear they would be harder on the turf than the AT101's. I guess you'll find out for us.

I appreciate you keeping us up to date on them! :cool:

I'm trying to decide between the Bar tread, the Maxxis Pro Tech turf or fluid in the tires. I don't think adding weight is going to help much with the "packing up" issue though, so it will probably be a different tread design, one tha's at least more open in design..
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