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Bar Tires

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Has anyone put bar tires on their ZTR.
The lack off traction is driving me crazy.
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I too will be eagerly awaiting your results. I've held off mostly due to what I've heard about them tearing turf.
I myself am probably looking for something not quite as aggressive as the Super Lug.

From doing a Search, it seems that people are happy with the Dixie Chipper Turf Boss II bar tires. But it also seems like they are made exclusively for Dixie's.

Some people mentioned having success with ATV tires. I went to the Carlisle web site and the "Stryker" tire caught my attention - it has bars in the middle and knobs on the edges - I think the knobs on the edges are supposed to make it turn without tearing up turf as much as the bars. Without having my manual in front of me, I don't know if this tire will fit my Lazer HP.

Any other opinions on turf-saving bar tires?

What would you say is the difference in turf tearing between your Z with the Titan at101 bar tires and a Z with normal turf tires?

Also, the at101 tires are ATV tires, which of course are softer than normal ZTR tires. Has this had any effect on your ride?

1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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