barcode or palm pc?

Discussion in 'CLIP Software' started by southerngroundscare, Jun 29, 2004.

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    I have been looking at tracking, routing, etc. software for a lawn maintenance business and would like to have as much automation as possible. Does CLIP have the capability to support a barcode wand or any type of palm pc for the crews to use out on the route. I would like to get them away from having to write as much as possible and get everything standardized.
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    Yes, CLIP supports a Bar Code reader, Palm Pilot or any other Windows CE device.

    In addition to that, we have CLIPConnect that connects your workers directly through your office through their cell phones. That way, you know what progress they are making....


    CLIPTrak that works off of the GPS coordinates that doesn't even require your crews to write anything down. When they arrive at the property the system knows that they started the job and it will record their time when they leave the property as the stop time.

    Pretty amazing stuff!

    Call us and talk to us!

    Dave Tucker

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