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    I'm thinking about using some bare ground products on some parking areas and fence lines and don't know the process. Do you have to kill the existing plant then follow up or can you spray over the top and get both kill and the prolonged residual desired with these products? Any information on products and techniques are appreciated.
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    Prodamine and octane kill and control
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    That is a great weed preventative but not exactly what Im looking for. Bare ground is dirt for 8 to 12 months. Thats what Im looking for more info on. Anyone have any input.
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    for short term control you would spray a post emergent and preemergent herbicides.

    for your time period, if conditions are correct, and there is not plant material, or root systems that will be effected, then a soil sterilant can be used.

    Older herbicides would be pramitol, newer products include sahara. We use stand alone sprayers for these products, because even with tank cleaning, if there is any residual for any reason, there can be detrimental effects. Always familiarize yourself with the label with these products.

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