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    I have some accounts where I do not want anything to grow. They are railroads. I starting doing bareground last year. I was using Eraser and roundup pro. It seemed this didn't work too well. I have purchased some Sahara for this year, hopefully that will work better.
    I do not need to worry too much about leeching, what would be the best chemical to make nothing grow at all? How many treatments would I need? The tracks I spray have railcars that haul Barley, Oats, and wheat that spill all over. I charge them for the whole summer, not by the treatment, so the less treatments the better. Thanks, Rick
  2. JB1

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    we use sahara, and get pretty good results, but that just depends on how much rain you have.

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    do you use sahara with anything else? or just sahara alone? We have been having real dry summers lately. How often have you retreated?
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    we'll put some roundup in for some areas that has small cedars, thats the only thing it doesn't want to kill, as far as retreating it just depends on the rainfall if a dry summer we can get by all summer, but sometime we have to retreat in late summer.

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    ever used krovar or hyvar?
  6. yardprospraying

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    12-15# krovar 5# diuron per acre. add glyphosate and 24d as needed. we get 7-8 months bareground control. you need mechanical agitation in sprayer, these are dry flowables.
  7. MStine315

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    I believe Sahara is Diuron and Oust. I have used Sahara in the past successfully, but am switching to Pramitol this year due to mixing. I use bypass agitation and have had settling issues with Sahara, it really gets bad when I add glyphosate. Pramitol is a liquid.
  8. Neal Wolbert

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    In the Northwest (40" of rain or so, mostly from Oct. to June) we get good results from Landmark MP and Roundup. Rates vary but 9 oz. per acre does a nice job for us. We treat right about now and again in the fall if budgets allow. Not much agitation is required, bypass does fine. We apply at 30-45 gal. of finished mix per acre.

  9. Nathan Robinson

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    Bleach! Lemon Scent Or Wild Orchids. Whatever You Prefer!
  10. motoguy

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    We use a mix of Krovar I DF, Karmex XP, Oust Extra, and Razor Pro. This is my first year with the company (as sprayer and owner), but the stuff the previous owner sprayed late last fall is still pretty dead. Our contract states we have the initial full-coverage spray in the spring (now), and follow-up spot sprays (Razor Pro only) in July. Realistically, we still check each account each month for spot sprays, though we're not contractually obligated to do so.

    We have strong bypass agitation in our tank (200gal tank, 8hp engine, 3 diaphragm hypro pump), and it seems to do just fine. I've not noticed any settling of product. I do switch on the agitation as I move the truck (or otherwise have a break) just for peace of mind.

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