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    Thanks for reading. Just looking for opinions on bark banding method of applications. The science shows that it works great. We have been using this method for EAB treatments to give a cheaper option than injections. I was thinking of using this method to treat tree for Jap Beetles. It would be much easier than have a tech stop making fert applications to just do tree injections for the day. I only have about 3-4 days of work a year for injections and would like to have the techs do those services while we are there for other things. We currently have a separate truck and tank for injections. Thanks again.
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    I have bark banned some trees here in Southern RI to help with the serious problem of winter moth.

    Typical banning procedure: wrap the trunk about 3-5 feet above ground with a material that will fit tightly to the bark. Apply Tree Tanglefoot, a super sticky compound all around over the wrap.

    It works on winter moth because the females emerge from the ground and crawl up the tree trunk to wait for mates. The females cannot fly so they end up crawling and getting stuck in the trap.

    I wondering how this could work for Japanese beetles because both males and females can fly around the trap.
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    I think we are thinking of different things for Bark Banding. Your talking about band the bottom of the tree. I'm referring to the pesticide application method of spraying the bottom 5-6 feet of the trunk with a pesticide and a penetrating organiosilicone product to get the chemical in the vascular system and to the limbs. Works great for treating EAB. Studies show the product was found at the top of a 50 foot tree after just 12 hours. Great method. Just was thinking i could use it to treat for JB every 2 months. Thanks.
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    Ah, I see. Interesting.
    If you do try it for JB keep us informed on the results.
    I hope it works!Thumbs Up
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    I do some bark banding as well on ash trees for EAB. I tried it on a small 2.5” caliper cherry last spring when doing the ash trees and it did work pretty well with just one app. Although there was some feeding damage on the leave, it was far less then the year before. I Plan on doing it on some other susceptible trees
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