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    These are the pics of my first leveling job. The pad sloped 8" from the road and about 6" side to side. I learned allot on this job. The barn is going to be 14' tall at the door and 40' wide by 64' long. I allowed 3' extra on all sides except for front I had about 2.5' extra for a ramp. The tolerance the barn builder wanted was +- 6". From side to side I have it within a half inch and the length 2.5". I think I would have got it closer if I had a laser or transit. You get lasy doing it the old fashioned string and level way and it's within tolerance. Any comments or questions? I hope it dont look to bad for my first. Im trying to get some experience under my belt before i take on jobs for people. Barn will be used for tractors, hopefully more construction equipment down the road:), and maybe a combine. I wanted it big enough to get a combine in. Oh, almost forgot. Dad did not want to buy fill dirt so we used the top soil on the one end. We just tried to pack it the best we could. When barn is built it will have gravel on the inside. He found a place out of Indiana to build the barn.

    Picture2 064.jpg

    Picture2 068.jpg

    Picture2 065.jpg

    Picture2 070.jpg
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    Messages: 2,454 sure they are not filming Field-of-Dreams Part 2 at your place? I tried to put in a call to Kevin Costner to confirm, but somehow I must have misplaced his phone number........hmmmm. Pad looks good, much better than most around here built by "pros". You're hired.
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    I agree .
    Good job!
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    If you had 20yrs experience...I would still say it looks good.
    Nice work!
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    Looks good Fieldman! What barn company in Indiana is it? PM me if you want. I know of an Amish company that I recommend that has done work for us. Those boys can build a barn!:clapping:
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Dozerman21 he has already signed the papers and put down the deposit for the barn. The company he went with has been building for a long time. They are called Worch and from what he tells me they are close to Indiana (not into Indiana). The amish build good barns. I appreciate the offer.
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    Did that with your skid loader? That's pretty impressive!
  8. Fieldman12

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    Yes, I did that with a 250 Series II Deere skid steer. Hopefully I will get better and quicker each time.
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    You missed a spot.

    Just kidding. Looks good. And I see Shoeless Joe in the background!

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